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Dear head-fi community,


I am a newcomer, so please bear with me, with a short intro. I am a guy who listens to good music, regardless of languages or genres.


Recently I have been trying to improve my music library with world music. And, I would like to share with/suggest you 3 of my favourites non-english songs (hope you will like them):



1. Artist: Yulia Savicheva (Russia) - (I consider her the Avril Lavigne of Russia - great voice for rock music)

    Song: Если в сердце живёт любовь, lit. If Love Lives in Your Heart


2. Artist:  Beyond (Hong Kong) - (In my opinion the best Rock band ever from Hong Kong, sad because the lead singer passed away in 1993)

   Song: "Boundless Oceans Vast Skies" (海闊天空)


3. Artist: Innuendo (Malaysia) - (R&B band)

   Song: Belaian Jiwa



Appreciate your recommendations on this matter.



Simon T.


P.S Hope we can share (knowledge of) good music with each other, and enjoy it with our beloved equipment.