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For Sale: SOLD: HD600 and ATH-AD700

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
SOLD: HD600 and ATH-AD700

Will Ship To: Con US

Up for sale is both a Sennheiser HD600 and an Audio-Technica ATH-AD700.


The HD600 is not modded in any way.  I bought these extremely cheap (just about stole them for the price, really) from someone and I love the way they sound, but I'm going to move onto another headphone (to be determined).  The headphone is in great condition minus slight paint cracking on the top of the headband (shown in pictures), which I've heard is very common.  They are also in desperate need of new pads.  Since both of these parts can be purchased from Sennheiser directly, I'm looking for $old for these shipped con US.


The AD700's are modded very slightly, although it is completely reversible. I have removed the foam pads on the outer cups and placed bluetak on the driver magnets.  They also have plastic tubing in the earpad surround, making them a dream for anyone with larger ears.  I found they have a slightly airier quality to them that I have really enjoyed while gaming.  I have the foam pads, and they can easily be put back and place and the bluetak removed, as well as the plastic tubing.  These are in very good quality with exception of a slight nick in the cable, as shown in the pictures.  The nick does not completely penetrate the shielding and no copper is exposed.  I haven't noticed any sound degradation because of this.  I'd like $old shipped con US for these.


I have feedback with the head-fi community and have been around for quite a while.  Thanks for looking.  




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PM sent on the HD 600.

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PM Sent
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HD600s are pending sale.
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PM Sent

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The HD600's have been sold.  The AD700's are still for sale.  Thanks for everyone's interest.

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The AD700's are still for sale in case anyone missed them.

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The AD700's have been sold.

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PM sent

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