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Hello Everyone,


My name is Jason and I'm new here on head-fi.


I would consider myself an audiophile although I don't have the level of in-depth knowledge of the terminology and technology that many of you do.  My appreciation of music comes more from genetics than knowledge of music theory (my father played tabla professionally throughout his life and my mother is quite musically inclined). 


I have been using wired headphones for about 25-30 years.  The first pair of good headphones I had was the Sony MDR v600 around 1990-91.  In 1997 a good friend of mine in Germany gave me a gently used pair of AKG K280 Parabolic headphones which I still use and love.  I now have a need for wireless headphones so I can work in another room while listening.


So I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones that will have a similar performance to and quality of the AKG K280.  After some research, I have been considering the Sennheiser 170 or 180, but I am totally open to alternative suggestions.  Here are some things about my situation that might be helpful for those of you that have a moment to make some recommendations:


1) I really like the over-the-ear design of the AKG.  Not sure I would adapt well to on-the-ear headphones.

2) I need to move a maximum of 50 feet from the transmitter.  There will be no more than 1 or 2 inner walls between me and the transmitter at any time.

3) I listen to bass-intensive music about 50% of the time (electronica) and other types the other 50%, so I need headphones with a good bass response and range.

4) My budget is around $200, give or take, for the headphones and transmitter.

5) I would like something durable.  I'm not rough on things, but I would like them to last at least 10 years, if possible.


Thanks both for your consideration and, in advance, for the kindness of your response.