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I'm new to this forum and would like some advice on getting a pair of budget headphones for a recording studio. I would like to use them for recording vocals mainly and it's important that the headphones are able to prevent a lot of sound leaking into the microphone. 

Ideally I would like the headphones to have a replaceable lead and be comfortable and pretty decent sounding.

My budget is £50 max.


I have done a reasonable amount of searching online over the past few days and have narrowed my choices down to :-


Monoprice 8323 - £15

Superlux HD669 - £24
Superlux HD661 - £24
Superlux HD631 DJ - £36


Which of these prevents sound leakage most effectively? 


I have been using a pair of old Sennheiser EH2200's until they recently died after 10 years of serious use. My other headphones are a pair of Beyer DT880 pro's which I use for mixing and absolutely love!!


Which of these would you recommend for mainly recording vocals, guitar and bass in a studio?