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Thanks for the feedback ClosingRacer.  As mentioned, we do not know what anyone else is doing with any of their products...what we do know is that we focus on providing high quality performance and quality in all of the products we produce - we always pay close attention to detail and customization to ensure a long-lasting product.  


The patented nano-tech we use to treat our UberBuds is 100% unique to our product and this is why we offer a lifetime warranty against sweat - we would highly encourage you to test our products vs any competitor (including BlueBuds) in waterproof capabilities. We would even send you a sample for testing upon request - we are always looking for experienced and quality objective reviewers.


We've had this particular model for sale since April and we've only just recently begun our major PR campaign. You will likely see a very large increase in reviews here over the coming weeks.  Again, thank you for your enthusiasm for quality audio products and we hope you get a chance to see the UberBuds in action very soon!  

-UberBuds Support Squad




lol ....  I can figure what you are trying to do but ill leave it at that.... All I will say this is a bunch of PR spinning  and Bluebuds actually are sweatproof and actually use a technology that we have heard of that is proven to work to repel water



All your product is an OEM device made for a bunch of different companies and way more expensive to even consider doing an impulse buy to prove you wrong :)

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Hey ClosingRacer,


Thanks again for the feedback.  There is zero PR spinning here as we actively look for UberBuds on our google alerts to address any FAQs or concerns for the new product - just as any company would do.  We are merely offering you a FREE SAMPLE to test on your own - for no charge.  Just so there is not a misunderstanding, this is not a "sale" we are trying to make.


We always look for legitimate reviewers to give their unbiased feedback.  We understand it is a new product and customers will always be hesitant to purchase, that is one of the many reasons we offer an industry best warranty and refund policy.  Buying quality bluetooth accessories can be an expensive venture and we ensure our products exceed industry standards to give our customers the best value. 


And just so you know, we do use Liquipel technology as well in our treatment.  Our products are sweatproof and even waterproof up to 6 inches.  This is not advertised as of yet, but it will be soon.  That being said, our UberBuds have the exact same treatment as BlueBuds.  Again, we highly encourage you to put our UberBuds head to head with BlueBuds or BackBeats.  


Our main focus is on providing the highest quality product at a competitive price to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.  Thanks again ClosingRacer.

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The uber buds claim AAC streaming. Anyone know if any other sport bluetooth buds have the AAC codec embedded? Anyone know if it matters? I will be streaming from an ipad, so it seems embedded AAC would be good
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