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Forcing audio driver to a sample rate

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Hello everyone,

Last week I bought a Fiio E17 I'm happy with it. Because I didn't have a toslink cable yet I connected the device with an USB cable which, according to the manufacturer, only supports a sample rate of 96Khz.
This all was working fine. My computer recognized the device and worked as it should.

Today I received my toslink cable and connected it to my computer and I was happy that I finally could get the best out of the device....until I went to the configuration panel...
Altough my VIA HD VT2021 supports a sample rate of 192Khz it only support this for the speakers out!

Nowhere was the 192K option found for the SPDIF out!



This is actually pretty frustrating and I started looking for (custom) drivers but since the chip is not that popular I couldn't find anything to help me out but I was not gonna give up.

So what I did was the following:
I googled the WASAPI plugin, download and installed it, fired up an album with 192K Sample Rate and checked my Fiio...

It recognized it as 192K music!
So I tought it might be an error somewhere so I tried outputting the same music with WASAPI trough the USB cable and it didn't work!


This makes me believe the VT2021 DOES support 192K Sample Rate through SPDIF but does not give the options...
So I wonder, does anyone know if and how can I force the driver to use a sample rate of 192K outside WASAPI.

tl;dr? -> Can I force the audio driver (VT2021 chip) to use a sample rate of 192K

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Nope... I have a earlier version of the VIA chipset as well and it only supports 192K to the speakers.


The WASAPI through DirectSound (DS) mode will automatically downconvert whatever you bit rate you throw at it, if you switch it out to the FiiO E17 USB through WASAPI it will error as the E17 is a USB Audio Class 1 device (Max 24/96) through USB.


SO you need to have foobar2K resample the 192 stuff to 96 or get a new sound card or pick up one of these external USB to SPDIF converters which is a USB Audio Class 2 device (Max 32/384) but it does require proprietary drivers.


Then you can Toslink your 192 right to the E17.


Which is probably what I am going to pick up unless I change mother boards in the near future.


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Yes it will give an error if you use the USB on the E17 but if I use the SPDIF input of the E17 it does NOT give an error and the device recognizes the stream as 192K Sample Rate
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Sorry, I must have misunderstood the problem.
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