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MidiMan tech support...

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Well I e-mailed them and got a stupid response which must be one of the canned things they send out when they get confused. So I decided to get on the phone...

When I called up the guy had a bit of trouble understanding what exactly I am trying to do(trying to pass my GameTheater XP through the Dio and hear both signals out of one sound card in the same machine)and that hes never heard of anyone even wanting to do that. After a lot of confusion he started consulting with other members of the tech team and even their in-house testers. They all said it couldn't be done because the hardware isn't capable, but beyond that windows could not do it and that I'd have to reinstall another OS and program the kernel myself to get it to work.

Well, long story short, at this very moment I'm listening to two different sound cards : )

I couldn't output the whole shabang to my Gamma DAC just yet...but I'm not giving up hope. I think there might be some kind of software out there which will do what the hardware will not...
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i've heard, but dunno if its true, that computers can only support 1 PCI soundcard running at a time. So i don't think you can feed the output of one soundcard into another.

If you wan't to use your DAC, you can using a toslink switchbox or use optical out on one soundcard and coax out on the other soundcard...
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these are both PCI, and I have them both running. works fine for me.
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That's actually pretty simple to do. I had my computer set up like that when I was testing out the Game Theater XP. All you do is connect the output of the Game Theater to the input of the Dio with a cable. I used the analog connectors, as S/PDIF has limitations. After that's done, you have to go into the Delta control panel and set up so:

Monitor Mixer:
Raise Master Volume
Raise WavOut
Raise H/W In 1/2

H/W Out 1/2 = Monitor Mixer

Connect the analog out of your Dio to your preamp/amp/whatever, and you can now listen to the Game Theater XP through your Dio, as well as listening to anything sent to the Dio specifically. I had my music-only programs sending signals to my Midiman card and all other system sounds sent to the Game Theater XP. Worked just fine as I recall. Could listen to Winamp and hear the typing sounds in ICQ or any other background sounds at the same time.

There's actually several different ways to do it I guess. Just be creative and play with all the settings in the Delta control panel and Multimedia control panel, and you should be doing wierd things with 2 sound cards in no time. Too bad the techs at Midiman are clueless about their own product.

(FYI, I was actually using an Audiophile 2496)
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I want to double check what your all saying. You can have two PCI soundcards running at the same time, right? Cause I plan to have my Headphone Amp run off my Delta Dio 2496, and my BA 7500's off of my SB Live! I don't see why you can only run one.
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