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A replacement for my sony s639

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Hi all,


It's been a while since I've felt the need to venture here, and sadly the reason why is because my loyal s639 is coming to the end of its life. I thought I'd make a thread asking about a possible replacement.


1. I love the sound of my s639, it's pretty much what I want. I'm an absolute bass nut, and this delivers exactly that without compromising on the rest of the spectrum!

2. EQ - I do sort of need this, and as expected sony's bass boost is wonderful.

3. I like it not being touchscreen! I can operate it blind, which I do enjoy.

4. I want to organise my music by files/folders, as one would on a PC. I don't want to be forced into flicking through artists etc.


By the looks of it I'll be wanting another sony device, but I'm open to suggestions!



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Sansa Clip Plus or zip from the sound of it.  Either that or the new sony players coming out later this year, early next!

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If you want to stick to Sony, I'd suggest the new E585 16GB, it has NC and a whopping 77 hours of rated battery life. If you're interested, you might wanna check out the new Japanese S Series. It's just the E580 series with Bluetooth, and one model also has 32GB space. Sadly the japanese models don't support english but as the Sony layout is rather easy to understand, you'll get acquainted with it.

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Whats wrong with the s639? 


I'm back using my A818 as I managed to install a new battery into it. 

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Ah, thanks all. By the looks of it I will end up sticking with Sony. I just like their sound. I did have a quick look at the z series, and I do mean quick, just vaguely saw it on head-fi!


As for what's wrong? Well, for one thing the battery drops down to 'flashing' (i.e. nearly out) constantly, even after a full charge, but it does last for days so that's not the issue. The problem that caused me to create this thread was that when I press the vol up button, it'll sometimes activate the menu/back button - in reality it doesn't change the track or anything, so it's not the worst problem,but I figured bugs like this might cause it to eventually be unusable! 

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You should be able to pick up a Sony replacement for not too much money. 

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