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Argos have these at £29.99 in white and a couple of quid more in black.

Be quick!

I agree with the comment above - these are not very sensitive cans and possibly not ideally suited to some phones (my Xperia Z3 doesn't get the best from them).
A Fiio E18, however, tells a very different story.

Worth £30 of anybody's money IMHO.
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Do timbre bright?

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Originally Posted by godbluff View Post

They're pretty good for £39.99 but not worth much more than that IMO

They are comfortable & have a pleasant but lifeless sound lacking in treble for my liking. The main problem thorough is lack of sensitivity with the volume on my Sony phone and my IPod needing to be maxed out at times. They also don't isolate well and leak sound if that matters.

Selling mine as they serve no purpose for me.

(The Griffin Woodtones that I just picked up (again) are a much better take on a laid back sound, are far easier to drive and even more comfortable. They are however larger over ear and can be fragile. The look might not appeal to everyone either!)

I sold these heaphones well short with my rash comments.

I've been listening to them a lot more and while they are still a little insensitive I think they are very nice sounding headphones. Great comfort, if a little loose fit and style too.I certainly won't be selling them!

Still available for just £35 from Argos & Amazon. They certainly should be more popular being a third of the price of their bigger brothers.
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Has anyone been able to compare these under appreciated Sony's with the new FOTM much hyped MDR100AAP?
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you prefer the 10rc over the sony mdr-1a?

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Anyone who knows where I can get replacement pads for the 10RC?
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Hi all I am new here,


And was checking out the reviews on the cans I own, (for UK people agros have them in white for £25 atm).


These are the steal of the century, I just recently purchased some Musical Fidelity MF200s and was left wondering why I wasted my money on them, the little Sony's out perform them in every way, comfortable, warm clean sounding bass. And bass that does go low.


For the price they are available for now in the UK you would be stupid not to buy them. Little gems. I bought another pair as a backup.

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Also I have had these connected to a 20W stereo tube amp, and they do not fault, instead the drivers go to insanely head shaking lows. I am comparing them to Musical fidelity M200s and B&W P7s and I will always pick these up for in the home.

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