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Compared with my Audio Technica ATH-Pro500MK2 (38ohms), the MDR-10RC (40ohms) sounds quieter at the same volume (smartphone as source). But when coupled with a portable amplifier (Fiio E11), the MDR-10RC has very tight and defined bass, clear mids and highs. I guess its "anemic" performance with my smartphone is caused by being under-driven. The clamping force is softer (and more comfortable) compared to the Pro500MK2 (DJ headphones). I was surprised that the MDR-10RC sounded quite well with classical music, thinking that these headphones are meant for bass-heavy music.

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Hi! I own a pair of Denon Ah-D1001 for home purpose, and a pair of Creative WP-450 for outdoor purpose, but i'm really tired of the sound of the Creative, they sound too muddy with the bass and mid bass. I really love my Denon, but they don't block any noise, so an outdoor use would destroy their beautif crispy sound. I was considering both the Sony MDR10RC and the Denon AHD321. I tried in a shop few times the sony, which the first time impressed me for the clarity, but the last time I tried them on, few days ago, I found the bass too present. Maybe that day I was too sensible to bass, but shat can you say about the bass or the Sony? Does it ever get too punchy? I would use them both with a DAC and an iPod Classic, almost all my music library is lossless, some of it is 24bit/96kHz, so the sound quality of the source is always the best, but i will mainly use them outside sith my iPod... Thanks smily_headphones1.gif
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I've just bought yesterday one of this headphones at Bestbuy, I listed it at Bestbuy and Sony Store and yes, is an amazing soundstage that you can listen from it and great bass.



But I listen mine, and I can detect soundstage from them :(, How many hour I have to burn-it? to listen the same quality sound like the sotres.



Many Thanks to all!

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Tried them with Hifiman 601 LE. Seems very good. 1R has some strange loud noise via 601LE, but they are more comfortable. I had had a very light seal on my head, but want to try them again and buy them.
Like them more than Sennheiser 25 and Monster Vektr, all Beats:)
Not a fan of on-ear/over-ear type of phones, but decided to change myself, and to be honest 10RC has some beautiful sound:)

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