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Originally Posted by Justice Strike View Post

hmm... well that was what i was wondering. What makes something high res audio and will it make a difference if you have a good sacd or do you need special hardware for that... I think it's just a normal 3.5 mm jackplug right?

Yes it is......I've listened to RBCD / SACD / DVD-A / FLAC files e.t.c. and initial impressions are good in my opinion. ( but I haven't spent too much time, doing comparisons with other headphones I own. )

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Anyone know if these are headed to the US anytime soon? I have been searching for some smaller portable headphones and these look like they would be what I'm looking for.

I actually like the size and comfort of the B&W P5 if only I could get over their sound signature. I really wanted to like it, but I actually quite hate it.
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i'm going with the MDR-1rbt (or 1rbtmk2)... they are just right... i don't know what size the 10rbt is going to be, but if it's just a tad smaller it's just nog going to work... I'm going to see if i can try them somewhere

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Someone at the mdr-10 compared with the mdr-10RC to know which is better, the differences in sound quality have the mdr-10 but I also interested in mdr-10RC so portable and I think the latter has better bass and they look great too.

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I have the Sony MDR 10RBT and the Sony MDR 1RBTMK2, and also the Harman Kardon BT, all of them are bluetooth headphones with aptx. Now, I know the two Sony have Hi Res Audio, not sure about the Harman Kardon BT.


I have been doing a search to try to find out what this Hi Res Audio is all about, and how can I get started in listening to that format. 


More searching, and I am sure I will come with the answers. 


BTW, there is no question of the 3 headphones, the MK2 Sony is the best, with the lower Sony taking up 2nd, and the Harman Kardon taking up the rear... 

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Originally Posted by angel24 View Post

Someone at the mdr-10 compared with the mdr-10RC to know which is better, the differences in sound quality have the mdr-10 but I also interested in mdr-10RC so portable and I think the latter has better bass and they look great too.


I have both. While they are both warm, bassy sounding headphones personally I think the 10RC sounds more natural because the 10R has a bit of mid suckout that gives everything a bit of a nasal and unnatural tone.


The 10RC feels a little loose on the head (or at least on my head) though compared to the 10R.

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Now tell me if I'm thinking it would be better to buy some mdr-1st, you think it's a better investment and would sound better than the 10RC or the headset that would compare.

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I chose these over the Momentum for travel, based simply on my 5-second 'auditions' at a Sony outlet at Sydney airport. I suspect that the Momentum has more to offer overall, but they didnt have the 'wow' factor of the little Sony phones or their compact form factor. Having spent the previous day listening to my new toys - Senn HD800 and Chord Hugo - I didnt expect much from Sony's offerings, particularly straight from my iTouch. The larger cans (in that environment and with my meagre source) just sounded lifeless, and I was stunned when I got to the cheapest offering on the wall and found something completely unexpected - headphones that sounded like they were voiced by someone who enjoyed music


I'm not going to overstate the case for these headphones - the Amazon reviews mostly sum up my own impressions - but at this price point these are little gems IMO. I put them in the same basket as my Yamaha EPH-100 iems : fun little headphones that punch above their sticker. No question that the bass has been juiced over what's on the recording, and there is a sheen to the treble that wouldn't please some here, but that's nitpicking : for the money I paid, these are a ton of fun, and that's all that matters when you leave the confines of four walls and a home rig. The 'hi-res' music marketing strikes me as a little overblown - outside their new statement stereo electronics, I dont see anything in the Sony line that looks terribly revolutionary - that said, kudos to the corporate heavyweights who signed off on Sony re-entering the two-channel world with decent gear - too long in the wilderness for a company with their pedigree. 

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So, has anyone else had any experience with these?

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Originally Posted by Change is Good View Post

So, has anyone else had any experience with these?


Well, I found a pair for a very good price. Guess I'll be the one to bring these to light if they perform well enough...

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My first impressions on these from a convo with a fellow head-fier, after a few hours of testing. Quotes will be in order so you guys can see the development over a couple hours. I also have more info in the H3 thread as I compared them both for a little while.


Okay, the Sonys just arrived... and... :o


Letting them burn in on my desk setup before I do any critical listening. So far, though, they remind me A LOT of the Momentum on ear with its slightly pushed back mids. Not necessarily good or bad (I did return the MOEs after couple weeks), but for the price I paid... I ain't complainin'! :biggrin:



Okay, I was wrong about these sounding like the MOEs. These are better! I placed the stock tips back on the H3 to compare after these burned in a little... and they are rather very similar. I was quite surprised after my first impression, when I messaged you, as they arrived. These really are something to look at, but I'm having mixed feelings just like I did with the H3 and its stock tips... as I begin to realize I am only a borderline basshead... :tongue:


Mids can seem slightly pushed back, sometimes, when compared to the H3...
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The red version are on a deep sale on amazon as of today (11/15/14)
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Just wondering if I should get one of these little headphones...i own the monster dna on ear which is pretty good in my opinion but they are getting little uncomfortable after a while. 

Are the Sony on the same level or even better than the Monster? You can get them in Germany for around 80€ which is good price in my opinion...

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bought the 10rc today from a friend (he is a basshead and bought the Sony XB 950BT)
I'm used to the sound from Sony mdr-V6,so the 10rc are quit a bit warmer sounding,
but they got the bass I've been missing, and they sound just amazing.
BTW I tried my friends XB950BT and OH MY F¥)€@€# GOD!!!!!! Now I know why they are called xtra bass smily_headphones1.gif very comfy cans but the bass was to much for me and that was without the bass boost on.
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I saw theres a MDR-10RC and theres also a 10 RB model here in Aus, theres a $20 difference between 10RC and 10RB.
Does the 20 makes any significant differences besides the RC being more compact than the RB?

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