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hmm... well that was what i was wondering. What makes something high res audio and will it make a difference if you have a good sacd or do you need special hardware for that... I think it's just a normal 3.5 mm jackplug right?

Yes it is......I've listened to RBCD / SACD / DVD-A / FLAC files e.t.c. and initial impressions are good in my opinion. ( but I haven't spent too much time, doing comparisons with other headphones I own. )

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Anyone know if these are headed to the US anytime soon? I have been searching for some smaller portable headphones and these look like they would be what I'm looking for.

I actually like the size and comfort of the B&W P5 if only I could get over their sound signature. I really wanted to like it, but I actually quite hate it.
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i'm going with the MDR-1rbt (or 1rbtmk2)... they are just right... i don't know what size the 10rbt is going to be, but if it's just a tad smaller it's just nog going to work... I'm going to see if i can try them somewhere

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Someone at the mdr-10 compared with the mdr-10RC to know which is better, the differences in sound quality have the mdr-10 but I also interested in mdr-10RC so portable and I think the latter has better bass and they look great too.

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I have the Sony MDR 10RBT and the Sony MDR 1RBTMK2, and also the Harman Kardon BT, all of them are bluetooth headphones with aptx. Now, I know the two Sony have Hi Res Audio, not sure about the Harman Kardon BT.


I have been doing a search to try to find out what this Hi Res Audio is all about, and how can I get started in listening to that format. 


More searching, and I am sure I will come with the answers. 


BTW, there is no question of the 3 headphones, the MK2 Sony is the best, with the lower Sony taking up 2nd, and the Harman Kardon taking up the rear... 

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