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$100 Desktop Bass Setup [HELP]

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Good day! I would just like to hear your opinions on possible desktop bass setups.


Here are my options:

1)Get a Lepai T-amp + pair of bookshelves 

2)USB Soundcard + Earphones (SoundMagic PL11)

3)DAC + Earphones (SoundMagic PL11)

4)2.1 Desktop Speakers

5)Digizoid zo2 + IEM (SoundMagic PL11)


1) I'm having a hard time finding a cheap pair of bookshelves that has a lot of bass. Of course, more bass means I should have a subwoofer but that setup is out of my budget. 


2) I currently have a PL11 so I thought of just buying a dedicated soundcard to pair with it. Any recommendations on the soundcard which has a good bass response? Why USB? Because I also want to use it with my laptop so I can bring it along with me anywhere. Is there a drastic difference between a USB version than the PCI-e soundcards? 


3)Is getting a DAC better than the soundcard if I'm aiming for the bass?


4)Though 2.1 desktop speakers is within my budget range, the quality of sound is a little behind that of having #1


5)I'm also considering getting a ZO2 since I want bass. 


By the way, I am fond of hiphop and RnB songs so the bass is really important. I also watch movies and really enjoy bassy scenes. 

Forgive me if budget is too limited, I really don't want to spend a lot of money on audio products since I'm not that of an audio enthusiast. As long as there's bass and the music is still clear, I can live with that :)

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My advice would be to get this setup described on CNET: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57439115-47/build-your-own-desktop-stereo-for-under-$70/

Then save for a Dayton SUB1000 or Polk PSW10.

That's if you really want lots of good bass. Subs are not cheap.

I suppose you could try to find a used Klipsch Promedia 2.1 setup, but the Lepai/Dayton speaker setup with one of those subs will be better than the Promedia set.
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Great link - I've never heard of those speakers

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dayton speakers aren't available in my country, I think. there's only wharfedale and polk (tsi100), aurum cantus f5000r. these are within my range
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Wharfdale diamond series are good speakers. Polk TSi are good entry level bookshelf speakers
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noob question: in case in the future, I add a sub, how are the connections going to be if I am to use the Lepai t-amp?

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(a) Get a sub that has speaker level inputs and outputs on the back, like the PSW10 or Dayton1000 I listed (look up pictures). Run the Lepai speaker output to the speaker level inputs on the sub, then the speaker level outputs to the speakers.

(b) Split the audio signal from your computer (or whatever) and run it to both the Lepai and the sub. You'll then need to use your audio source to control the volume.
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got it! 


so how do I split the audio signal from my computer? Is it a 3.5mm to 2 pairs of rca (one for the sub and another for the lepai)?

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Yep. 3.5mm stereo to dual sets of RCA will do it smily_headphones1.gif
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Cyber acoustic 3908  on pc speaker are pretty good i own the 3602 there little brother :D   The only problem is the remote try to not use it and use windows volume   idk Cyberacoustic will send you a remote without problem they know they have durability concern   Great support 


26w rms 6.5"     the Promedia is 50w rms     Is not going to rock the house but it plenty :)




Or the lepai that is going to be my plan too next month 

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