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Hi all...

I'm Giovanni, i'm from Italy and i'm new in this fantastic forum... I read this forum a lot but I register only now. I'm not an audiophile (not now, maybe later) but I listen much music..all kind of music, jazz, classic, rock, pop, sometimes metal, dance a few... I prefer jazz and rock on all.

I have an ipod 5.5g rockboxed and I listen music in flac file..I have an amp (fiio e11) and i have akg q460 quincy jones signature line.. the sound is good, good bass,quite good medium...less high. I bought this configuration 1 year ago...and now i think that I'm ready for next step... I would to buy another earphone, better quality earphone (akg q460 is very good but i want more).. i read many many many recension of a different earphone's kind and i'm a little bit confused now. I like some kind of earphone:


Akg k701/702

Sennehiser momentum

Sennehiser hd 598

Sennehiser hd 650

audio tecnica ath m50


i would spend about 150/200 euro...

can you help me to find a earphone for my preferred music style?

thanks of all and sorry fot my english.