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Need help choosing between HE-400, ATH-AD1000x and ATH-AD2000

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Oh, first post and first thread here so please be gentle I hope :).

First headphone was some really cheap Logitechs which I don't even have anymore, gave it to a friend.

Then I got the Sennheiser HD518 which was a huge upgrade but after using it for about a year I wanted more..

A friend of mine then bought the AKG K550 and I remember that I was blown away by it when I heard it and immediately wanted to seek something that was along the same line of that sound (didn't want the same pair felt weird for me lol) or perhaps better.

Eventually came across this review http://www.head-fi.org/products/akg-k-550/reviews/8432 so I then ventured into looking up about ath-a900

I still have no idea if I prefer an open or closed headphone more, but after reading it seems a lot says that open usually sounds better than closed so and I generally want that better sound so I guess I'm looking for open headphones... (I guess)

After a week of looking through many threads and reviews (mostly in head-fi.org) it seems I have settled on these three headphones the HE-400, ATH-AD1000(X) and ATH-AD2000

The reasoning behind this is because I am not looking forward to get an amp yet maybe in the future, also note I'm stuck with the ATH-AD2000 and not the X series (ATH-ad2000x), mainly because if I recall I read somewhere where the ATH-AD2000 was better than the ATH-AD2000x. Also I can not seem to find a direct comparison between any combination of these two, or all three of these headphones on the net (actually maybe there is a comparison between the ad1000x and ad2000 but I'm really interested in a comparison with the HE-400).

TL;DR Need help choosing between HE-400, ATH-AD1000x and ATH-AD2000

thank you for reading =D


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On second thought, I think I'll be springing for between the AD1000x and HE-400, that should be easier to compare I hope =D?

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Welcome to headfi...hard finding the info u want?
Just too many cans being churned out.

If u dun wan an amp , how about ad900x for a start.
It's inexpensive on the buysell mkt..
And u get a fix on what AD's house sound is like.
It's very light, n has a big sound without being picky of your source.
Off my iPad n fone, it was very listenable.

Hifimans tend to be a lot a lot heavier..bordering on 500gm...half a kilo,
Broke afew necks already..tongue.gif
And these would definitely accelerate your desire for a good dac n amp.

All the best to your quest!
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Thanks for the reply =D. I peeked at your headphone inventory and noticed u have a pair of W5000, W1000x and ESw9. I have not read much about the w5000 and esw9 but how do those do you think match up against the ad900x

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Esw9... Is a portable on-ear. It comes alive on a dap like hisoundaudio RooCoo-BA...class A player.
Otherwise it's a little dull on iPads. Unless u like the snoozy chill out soundzzzzzz.

W5000... This can needs a setup that matches it well, otherwise it has a honky mids somewhere that can spook your enjoyment. I liked it for chorals music...spacey hall ish music...only.
Some folks do like it for its niche sound. I sold it..whew.

Ad900x....is a good place to spend a little money to get a feel of the open AD cans...
The two prior cans are closed.
Ad open cans tend to be very spacious sounding,, as if u are IN the orchestra...
Unlike beyers, where u are more of the audience sitting a few rows behind.

My fav all time AD is the esw10jpn...this portable is superbbbbbbbb..
Made my iPad feel like a thousand bucks. Not sure if u can find one on the cheap.
I sold it...sighhhhh...kicking my butttttttt.
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I have HE 400 and connect to E17. I am happy with HE 400. HE 400 is heavier than K 240 MK II. But I do not complain about it. The sound quality of HE 400 is amazing.

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My first post!


I had the K550 and loved them for their open and natural sound especially compared to others that have over emphasised bass.


I now have a pair of the Audio Technica ATH AD1000X. These are Wow! Better bass weight and very detailed. But the thing that really got me was how revealing they are. On my iPhone 5 they sound great. Add an external DAC (HRT iStreamer) and headphone amp and the difference is staggering making a great portable set up. Finally use them with a properly set up Hi-Fi such as Burmester CD player into a David Berning amp (mine has a proper headphone socket) and the world is a different place. Now the space opens up and musicians play together like never before. In particular vocals are very intimate. Get ready for a shock; you may change your mind about favourite singers that you thought were amazing as well as discovering new hidden talents in your music collection. This is the joy of new audio equipment hence the Hi-Fi bug that we share.


The AD1000X is really recommended. Oh BTW, super comfortable as well and no fiddling about to get a perfect seal like the K550's. Just put them on, sit back and enjoy.



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