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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: CANADA / CONUS

  • SOLD
  • Paypal only
  • Shipped Canada Post with tracking and signed-for option.
  • sell to members with some feedback/ good standing or something like that:bigsmile_face:



Up for sale is a nice example of the STAX SRD-7 PROFESSIONAL  pro bias adaptor unit.

These don't come up all that often, at least not as much as the dedicated Stax amps anyhow.


Of course it should go without saying, but i will anyhow.

This plugs into the wall and the 4 wires hook up to the speaker terminals on your separate amplifier. This is not an amp. It allows you to use the amp of your choice provided it has decent power and speaker terminals/ hookups! Nice and versatile this way.

Wire colour codes for each channel are printed on the rear as seen in the pictures. Keep them bare or add on spades or rca's as you see fit according to your amp's terminals.

Of course this lets you run speakers also as a bypass to those too.


 Had two of these at one point ( imagine the luck on that ! ).

I sold the other to a relative with a set of Stax LNC because he has some very high end amplification already so it suited him better to be able to swap this around instead of a dedicated Stax amp.

Nice to be able to do that which is EXACTLY why i got this also.

I put maybe ~100 hours on this if that.


  • Functioning perfectly
  • In nice overall shape
  • *** upon packing this unit up i noticed something which escaped my attention the whole time I had it. On the one side, near the bottom middle there is a dent about the size of a pen tip that goes in ~3mm I would guess. there is no paint chipping there though. Minor cosmetic only, certainly wasn't me I would recall doing that. In no way affects functionality since it was there the whole time I used this flawlessly. You can barely see it in the photos ( front-facing image on side middle bottom )


All boxed up with padding and ready for a new home.


 I have a bit of feedback here but also have 100% positive feedback with over 150 transactions on ebay over a long time period. I'm also very active in the ortho modding area here and trade a fair bit of modding materials on the side with lots of people, so I am not going anywhere soon, after all this place is too addictive :wink_face: 

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SOLD thank you

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