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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: CANADA / CONUS

  • SOLD  ( CANADA / CONUS only and price firm for now )
  • Paypal only
  • Shipped Canada Post with tracking and signed-for option.
  • sell to members with some feedback/ good standing or something like that:bigsmile_face:


MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN, way cheaper than I got them for now !

Up for a regrettable sale is a shining example of the STAX Lambda Nova Classic. ( Pro bias of course ) These don't come up all that often.


From a few PM's here and there I have heard it said that the Nova series was a sweet spot where Stax ironed out all the supposed issues from the previous lineups in the previous Lambda series. ( like peakiness or "etch" )


I had TWO exact sets like this at one point. One went to a relative, and this one I brought over from Japan I kept for myself.


It was serviced according to the Japanese seller's info and new style pads were installed, pads and inserts for the SR-307 models which are exactly what is specified according to Stax themselves for this model.

 Of course it has the nicer fabric ear inserts instead of the foam like the originals used to have.

Here's the direct quote I saved from the Japanese auction info


"To conduct regular maintenance of STAX in 2012/7 for ear pad deterioration, Scott filter defective or replace the filter and ear pads. The urethane on the inside of the ear pad, as current products, things improved that separates it from the ear pads are attached, life will not extend more."

So new pads, earside inserts and the newest improved pad adhesive. No peely pad edges like  on older ones.


In an A/B direct comparison between the two sets I found this one to be more vibrant/louder at any given volume setting. Unsure if this is due to the new pads and insert or the particular headphones themselves.

At any rate this set sounded a heck of a lot better so I kept this one for myself.


  • These are EXTREMELY LOW serial # headphones=  #00047  So some of the very first off the line for this model !
  • Always stored on a stand under a plastic dust cover. I maybe put ~100 hours if that on these.
  • No channel imbalance or scuffs that I can see, nor cracks in anything.
  • The thin leather headband top shows some spiderwebbing in the top surface coating simply from age and being well worn in. Very super supple/soft that thing. Nothing out of the ordinary for the age there.
  • Plugs nice and clean ( Deoxit )
  • Possibly the only thing might be a slight tightening of the headband slider screws on one side for a very minor stiffening of that slider I just never bothered. Hardly worth mentioning really.
  • These came from Japan and the shipping service there threw out the styrofoam to cut down on shipping size regrettably, however I put the thin cardboard box with the tiny serial #'d decal inside with these. It is not like regular boxes I have seen before maybe because of the low serial # ( early form of packing or it was the 2nd inside box?) It's just a plain box with that little serial numbered decal.

  • The manual for the series and two other papers included as well.


You'll be VERY hard pressed to find another in this condition again which is why I have been debating even putting them up for sale at all. I've talked about it for months so far. ( sorry guys you know who you are :o)


Have a look around in here for other prices on these nothing this cheap shipped....and with newer inserts and pads....




All packed up, double boxed and ready for a new home.


Sorry for the long-winded description here but if someone's buying from me I want to make sure they know every single thing I do about something I am selling. It's how it should be.

 I have a bit of feedback here but also have 100% positive feedback with over 150 transactions on ebay over a long time period. I'm also very active in the ortho modding area here and trade a fair bit of modding materials on the side, so I am not going anywhere soon, after all this place is too addictive :wink_face:



Not going to think about this, must ignore what I am doing...must..ignore...I am making the right decision aren't I?

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^ Sweet deal meng. :beerchug:

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Awesome stuff! If only you or someone else is selling an energizer too, I would need one!
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In other words



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