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Suggested MP3 player

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Hi all, 


I am using a set of Beyer Dynamic DT1350's with a Hippo Cricri and a Galaxy S3 and use Poweramp as my file player..


I have noticed that the sound sometimes "throbs" with certain music. I think this throbbing is in the treble range, it makes the music really muddy and in general its very distracting! I then ran the same files through my macbook air. Problem is non existent, at that point I began to notice a huge difference with clearer louder bass and larger sound stage in my mba. So I'm contributing this to the S3 not being up to the job. Just incase someone thinks of this as being the problem, I have Stereo X on Power Amp turned all the way down, it works well with my IEM's but creates too much reverb with an amp and larger headphones. I use treble and bass preset with limit switched on..


Anybody got any advice for me on how to look at fixing this? Am I right to blame the S3? I am happy to buy an MP3 player for around $500. I looked at the previous posts on the discussions are quite old and the reviews on these players indicate problems with the UI's.. This would drive me mental.. Are there any recent MP3's or any new models expected in the next few months? 


My ideal mp3 would be around $500 and not require an amp? 


Thanks in advance, 



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The Beyerdynamic DT1350 are 80-Ohm headphones, might(?) be a little demanding power wise for the S3

A Fiio E11 ($63) portable headphone amplifier should provide a good boost, for use with the S3.


DAPs (Digital Audio Players)

iBasso DX50, $240.

FiiO X3, $200.

Numerous Cowon players.

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Thank you for quick reply 

I am using a Hippo Cricri amp.. 

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