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$800 USD to Spend on AMP upgrade. Thoughts?!

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Hey guys!


Current Setup: Odac -> Little Dot MKIII -> Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohms


I've recently purchased some Audeze LCD2s and I gather it's time to upgrade my amp (+dac?) to suit. Ideally I'd like to own an amp/dac combo that sufficiently runs both my DT880s and LCD2s without having to stuff around too much with gain settings etc. I really like how the Little Dot supplies a warmer sound to my DT880s but I don't think it's an ideal amp for the LCDs as I've heard they sound much better through a solid state amp.


I'd like to spend no more than $800USD at this stage. I've been looking at the Burson Soloist and the Schitt Lyr mostly. The Lyr attracts me because of the lower cost and I think it's a good match for the DT880s and the LCDs. I'm not so sure how the DT880s would respond to the Soloist so I'm a bit on the fence with that one. I think I'm sticking with the Odac for now and maybe upgrading that later.


Does anybody have any suggestions/comments? I'd like to make a somewhat "future proof" buy so that I don't have to shell out on a different setup when I eventually purchase more headphones (it's inevitable right? :darthsmile:)




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Bump! :smile_phones:

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Schiit Lyr easily for this one. Well under budget. Very transparent and warm amplifier. Powerful enough to drive both. You won't hear gain/noise floor from either headphone on this amp. It's not an OTL tube like your LDMKIII, but it still is a warm sound and will do very well with the DT880's treble spikes, but also give a lot of meat to the LCD2. The reason the LDMKIII doesn't do well for the LCD2 is because it outputs like 100mW at lower impedance ranges, OTL's are meant for higher impedance loads.


Alternatively, you could invest into something balanced for the future. Like Audio GD 10SE2.


Very best,

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I've seen your posts around the forums many times (I'm a bit of a lurker), and your posts are always very interesting and informative.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to post. I'm pretty much set on the Lyr now! It really does seem like the best option! Now I just have to find out which tubes would best suit my needs. Great listening times ahead :D

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If you have the space you might consider a vintage amp, with the headphone out which is amazing and can be purchased for less than $100...........something to consider. Then you can buy something else with the savings.
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MonolithNZ, I have a NFB-10ES2 and the current model, the ES3, fits your budget perfectly. I have a LCD2 rev2 coming in next week, as a loan unit from someone and I can tell you how it sounds with the 10es2. For now, you can read some impressions from vampire5003's review of the 10es2 as he owns a pair of lcd2 rev1.





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