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Hi guys,
I listen to mainly rap/hip-hop, so what I'm looking for is crystal clear vocals, biting kicks, and adequate lows (flat eq, not overwhelming bass). I had this pair of on ear audio technicas once, they had shiny gold-colored ear cups and they don't make them anymore. I loved the crispness and the bite those headphones gave with the kicks in my music, I would love a pair of headphones that could duplicate that sound. I returned those because the earcups were so tight and uncomfortable on the ears it was unbearable.
So what I'm looking for:
Lightweight, the band should be thin, but the earcups should be soft and comfortable and I should be able to listen for extended periods of time without discomfort (no excessive pressure on the head or ears).
In-line controls for the MP3 player, a mic would be nice as well (I use an iPhone)
willing to spend up to 300-350, if it's necessary I could spend more
The sound should be as I described above: tight, crisp, could even be a little bitey as far as the highs when the kick hits, solid midrange and low.
Not looking to lug an amp around, mobility is key.
No Beats by Dre please haha (jk i know nobody would recommend those although that's all I can seem to find in shops nowadays).

Thanks a lot to whoever helps me find the pair for me!