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Auxiliary issues

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I apologize if I am starting too many threads, but as a newcomer I have many questions. My phone's aux jack is beginning to lose contact with my aux cables. The slightest tug on the cables interrupts my music (accompanied by painfully loud popping noises if I use an external amp). I don't think the cables are to blame, as they work with all of my other media devices. However, this point is countered by the fact that my phone works perfectly with the Monster cable in my truck. I would like to find a solution to this without forking over $20 for another 3 foot Monster cable. (This also happens with headphones, but not nearly as bad.)

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Hear me out: the problem is the internal socket, and the only thing you could do is opening and fix it: 30$ is a decent price to pay if you think it can be saved by using a cable.

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This wouldn't be the first time I've taken apart my phone. I had to take it apart when I replaced the screen. So will I need a replacement part or is there a method to fix it?

UPDATE: I disassembled my phone and pushed the contacts for the aux inward. Problem solved.
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Keep up the good work! I never asked which phone do you have?
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Its an HTC Incredible 2. It might be a little outdated, but its a great phone. It even plays M4A audio files, which is pretty nice.
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