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Free to a Good Home: Nu Force NE-650M

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Free to a Good Home:
Nu Force NE-650M

Will Ship To: USA

Giving away a free Nu Force NE-650M.  It was provided to me as a review sample and now that the review is over, I'd like to pass it on for free.  I'll even pay for shipping myself.  Comes with retail box, case and tips.  Prospective giftee should be someone who does not own many (perhaps only one) iems/headphones and preferably a college student or someone of similar budget means.  I reserve the right to check out prospective giftee's profile to see if it meets this criteria or ask follow up questions.  I'm just hoping it doesn't go to some flipper or someone else who has the means to buy this themselves.



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For Sale: $65 (USD)
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Giftee found.
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