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For Sale: Denon AH-D7000 (sold) / HifiMan HE-400

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For Sale:
Denon AH-D7000 (sold) / HifiMan HE-400

Will Ship To: CON US

Alright fellow bassheads, here's one for you guys.  Up for sale are my Denon D7000 and HifiMan HE-400 headphones.  Both of which are in excellent condition.  I'm selling because I've acquired too many toys recently and need to upgrade my source to keep up.  


The D7000 comes with the original box and cleaning towel (sorry, can't seem to find this).  I have used it maybe 2 hours in the past 6 months.  They are one of the greatest looking pairs of headphones I've ever seen.  There are a few minor scratches on the mahogany cups.  These scratches were nearly impossible to capture in pictures, and are even difficult to see in person.  They are in 100% working condition and sound fantastic.  I love the Denon sound so much that I decided to upgrade to an LA-D7000, and have now decided to finally sell these.  I purchased the headphones on ebay in December of last year.  The seller claimed to be the original buyer so I should be the 2nd owner of these.  I was happy with the condition the headphones arrived in and they have remained in the same condition since.<</strike>/p>



The HE-400 also comes with the original box, velour and pleather earpads, and the stock cable with 1/4" adapter.  I purchased them in October of last year.  Here is the original listing....http://www.head-fi.org/t/631026/fs-he400-with-velour-pads.  I've taken great care of them, but the white and L and R paint indicators on the headband sliders have worn off, more notably on the left side.  Other than that, the headphones are in great condition.  The headband padding is the softest of any HifiMan headband I've come across (I've tried three different HE-6's) and the sound is fantastic.  If I hadn't upgraded to an HE-6 I would probably be keeping these.  The previous owner put 30 hours on them, and I've probably added another 150 (at the most).


I'm looking to get $SOLD for the D7000 (just trying to get my money back) and $SOLD for the HE-400.  I'll pay for shipping, but buyer needs to cover paypal fees.  Not looking for trades right now, but depending on how long the sale takes I might be open to trading.


PM me if you have any questions!!  Thanks for looking!



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I wish these had been available a month ago when I was shopping around for a pair of Denons, they'd be gone already.

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hi i currently own a akg612. n ath m50 red and i want to try hifiman

i live in hongkong how much would be the shipping? i dont need express. only regular it ok
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Thanks for your interest, but I'm looking to keep this within the US for now.

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D7000 is sold!

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