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Connecting stereo R/L output ---> 3.5mm headphone jack. Help?

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Hi, I'm new to all this so please forgive any idiocy on my part. :tongue_smile:



I got myself on old playstation 1 (scph-1002) with rca stereo jacks on the back. I connected these to some headphones via an adapter cable but the volume is too low.


So I'm thinking I want to get myself one of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Motorcycle-Amplifier-Lightweight-Overheating-Protection-Perfect/dp/B00834RW6U, to step it up and add some control over the bass / treble. My question is how can I connect the output up to a 3.5mm jack? :confused_face: I assume it might involve splicing up a 3.5mm jack cable and connecting the wire somewhere... It would be great if I had some proper speaks but all I've got to work with are headphones and pc speakers.


Also, for extra credit:

I realise it may be that the consoles power supply is just cheep and sleazy but although I'd say the sound possesses clarity and a clear distinction in the high treble and low bass frequencies... the mid ranges seem to fall flat, leaving the overall sound quality coming across as lacking and uninspiring (but I feel there is potential). Could the previously mentioned item help with this, or would there be some other way to account for what it lacks? 



Gracias! and Much Thanks!

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You do realize that Lepai amp is only made for passive speakers yes?
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Kind of? As I understand it you can't run passives through a headphone jack due to a lack of power (am I right?) but I don't see why you can't run headphones from a *passive amp*. Unless it's the case that it is comparable to hooking up a pocket calculator to it's own nuclear reactor (ie: massive over kill)...


... well, I'm of the impression that this "amp" could increase the signal from the console (using its own power supply) and that strengthened signal is intended to power large passive speakers. I don't know what would happen if you replaced those with smaller speakers (headphones).


Also, errr..... do you mean that the signal coming out the amp is incompatible with pc speakers that have their own power supply built in?


Is it just that it isn't capable of the finesse required to tickle headphone speakers and retain quality audio definition...


Do I need to be looking for something more like http://www.amazon.co.uk/FiiO-E5-Headphone-Amplifier-Black/dp/B001P9EQH8/ref=tag_stp_s2_edpp_url, because this isn't exactly the sort of thing I had in mind.


... I have no idea what I'm talking about, could you help me out?

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Well first of all we need to know what are you looking to spend?


So you want to come from the PS1 to a set of Headphones or PC desktop Speakers...

The PS1 has RCA line out which is made for connecting to an amplifier's inputs it does not have enough output to drive headphones. 


The PC speakers with the amplifier built in are active speakers, you can plug them right into the headphone jack on an iPod or the RCA jacks on the PS1 with the proper cable etc... Speakers without the amplifier built in are passive speakers, they need an amp like the Lepia you listed earlier to work. Connecting headphones to the speaker terminals will work but you will probably not have very much play in the volume control as the amplifier is not designed to drive headphones from the speaker terminals. (There are exceptions to the rule on certain high end headphones.)


IMHO you would be probably be better off with an amplifier that has a headphone jack and some passive speakers...

Such as a Topping TP21 and a set of GALE-3010S Bookshelf's, I have heard neither of these products, this is just my opinion of what I would suggest without knowing the price range etc...







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My budget is whatever's right at the bottom of the line. I'm on a shoe string.


To clarify, the ps RCA line out seems to have enough output to drive my headphones to a reasonable degree (~50-60% what I get out of my laptop), but I can appreciate that's not what it's designed to do. It just needs a little more power.


I really just want to be able to power something passive through a 3.5mm jack so guess I should stick to finding a "headphone amplifier" but they all seem so expensive, I guess there is a reason for that though.

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Well them the most inexpensive solution I can find would be the FiiO E6 and a cable to connect it to the PS1.


FiiO E6



Male RCA to 3.5MM Male TRS



Unless there is a headphone jack on your computer speakers, then you could just plug your headphones in to it and your speakers into the PS1 with this adapter cable.




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