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I bought the dt990 pro headphones last month, the 250 ohm version ( only one available in my country ). I loved the way they sounded, far better then my previous gaming headset, but my onboard audio had trouble pushing the volume, making them fairly quiet. My friends bought me the Behringer ha400 microamp, which helped increase the volume, but lowered the quality of the sound. After attempting to use the ha400 for a few days I came to a conclusion that I can not get used to it, plus i felt bad for diminishing the quality of such nice headphones. I am thinking of buying a sound card from the asus xonar range in hopes that that will give me the volume i desire, whit out ruining the sound. I am pretty new to this field, so if any of my assumptions are wrong, please correct me.


My question is will the sound card give me the desired effect, if yes: which card should i get for around 40-50 euros, if not: is their any other way!