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i could use some recommendations for some headphones

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these will be my first pair of high end headphones, i will be listening to techno, hip/hop, R&B , metal with these headphones. my music source will be an Iphone 5s and i will be buying my music on " itunes " i dont care about looks or portability, sound is most important to me, my price range is up to 320$ max i would like some headphones with good bass NOT too much just enough for my kind of music good mids & good NONE fatiguing highs, i would prefer headphones with NO noise cancellation feature.! thanks for all your help guys.

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Open or closed back? On or around ear? If open is OK, look into the Sennheiser 558 or 598 cans and keep some money in your pocket. Either is comfortable and they both use the same driver, so the 558 will save you even more and sounds very much like the 598. A 5 minute mod will make the 558 so much alike the 598 you will laugh at the modification.

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Good Day StanD,


Id much rather prefer around the ear headphones, most people say that the 598 lacks in the bass department other than that the mids and highs are exactly what im looking for, my search so far has lead me to the following headphones,im willing to spend another 50$  :


1. PSB M4U 1

2. Sony MDR 1R

3. V moda M 100

4. AKG K550


which one of these would you think would be best for my music preference.? id appreciate other cans you think would be best for me.! thank. 

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I haven't personally tried the V moda M 100 but have heard good things about it.


I tried the Sony MDR 1R and found the bottom end of the sub-bass disappointing even though they are spec'd to go to 4 Hz and returned them. They were very comfortable. I compared them with the Sennheiser Momentum around ears which I kept and am pleased with, however, you have to try them as some people find that they are too small for larger ears. The Momentums may be a tad over your budget. I tried the newer Momentum on ears and found they had excessive bass and poor isolation for a closed back can.


I do find that the quality of bass for the HD558 is very good. As a test, I just plugged them into my notebook, using MediaMonkey, and played back some EDM (Zedd Clarity just before the 2 minute mark) and turned up the EQ for 31 and 63 Hz and the results were outstanding. The low frequency synthesizer sweep was out of this world. These are easy to drive and responded very well to EQ or bass boost, you can live without amping them on a portable DAP. Doing the modification is easy as pie, mainly improves the soundstage, The only thing is that they are open back, if that is an issue, I'm very impressed as to how they compare to my HD600 cans. I don't know where you're from but if you're in the US and near a BestBuy, you can give them a go and return them if you don't like them. Perhaps you can find a nearby retailer with the same policy. I work near J&R and have tried and returned cans, e.g., Sony MDR-1R.


I think I own too many cans. :)

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