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Hi all

I had a pair of Soundmagic E10s in the past. The left one fizzled out in a few months so I got a replacement as an E30 instead (Owing to the seller having no stock in E10 somehow). Now I didn't like the E30s over the E10s much although they do sound a bit similar but I would pick the E10s any day. 

Now I'm thinking of upgrading and I honestly don't know where to start. I'm not an audiophile but I do enjoy good sound reproduction. I'm getting an iPhone this month so will be getting the Earpods with them.(Thinking of getting an Earskinz for them, need advice on this too). But what would be the ideal upgrade from Soundmagic E10?

I don't wish to spend much on them but am really flummoxed as the E10s were supposed to have a sound rivalling products a tier higher.

I could really use some help. Cheers:)

P.S. Mostly I listen to Alternative Rock, House & Bollywood and don't prefer Bass-heavy sound like Beats Tours etc.

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