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Wow I'm just reading through all the udac2 drama.  What a mess.

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My udac 2 has served me just fine for the last two or three years.  I use it whenever i'm on the road, with IEMs or hooked up to a mini-speaker.   I think sometimes folks are a bit hyper-critical here.  For the price, it's a good deal, and I think NuForce product service is just fine too.  I am curious to read what the direct (real world) difference between the udac 2 and 3 is.

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I've got the 2 and 3 side by side. If you already have the 2, it's not really worth the upgrade to the 3.


Maybe coming off a udac-1 then the upgrade is worthwhile, but if you have the udac2 and your budget is limited, stick with what you've got.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

It is not immune to interference/noise from other usb devices. I tried playing music while transferring a movie on an external hard drive and music was constantly interrupted by clicks and pops.


With a modded T50rp (actually a transplanted driver) I can get to 3 o'clock on the pot before clipping. Volume is at the top end of comfortable listening for me at that point. I prefer to have it closer to 12 o'clock. With more sensitive cans I'm more around 10.

The clicking and popping are almost certainly your computer failing to feed the DAC reliably while transferring files. I.e. the interrupts to drive the hard drive are stealing cycles from the interrupts to drive the USB port. I have had this happen a lot in windows. It doesn't seem to be a problem in linux.


I use mine mostly with my beyerdynamic DT770s 250 ohm headphones and also with them 12 oclock is quite comfortable. Anything above 3 oclock position starts making noticeable levels of distortion. Using an external amp I can get much more volume without the headphones distorting so it's most certainly the uDAC3 that's distorting at that point.  Edited to add: Are you using USB2.0 or USB3.0 ports? I've read quite often of people having more issues with older hardware / USB 2.0 ports and fixing them by using USB 3.0 ports. Just a guess.


As for background noise, my uDAC3 is dead silent by itself. You only hear hiss if the source audio has hiss.

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