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Upgrading from iBasso D1

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Hey everyone, haven't been on the forums in a while (since I've been content my home and work setups!), so I'm not sure if there's a more efficient way for me to be going about this ... searching for new products was overwhelming!


So I've had an iBasso D1 since when they first launched years ago, and mine finally bit the dust the other day .. sadly I can't get any output from it, no matter what input I use, and it smelled pretty burnt inside when I cracked it open. Either way, it's gone now.


So I used the iBasso D1 at work powering either Ultrasone HFI-780s or Denon AHD2000s. I never use it as a portable amp, but I loved that it was a compact all in one DAC/AMP. 


So I'd like to get a new model of some kind. Can someone help me pick something new that sounds as good or better than the iBasso D1 did (I know that's subjective, but there's no where nearby for me to demo any of these things :( ).



I think my criteria is...

  • Price range is under $300, but under $200 would be preferable.
  • It's got to be a combo DAC/AMP. 
  • I saw some can be powered by USB only, does that provide enough amp output power? I haven't used a USB-powered dac/amp before
  • I really like volume knobs, I saw a lot of the FiiO models just had up/down buttons but no knob
  • I'm posting this in the portable forum because those tend to be small + combo + cheap, but this will be something that I just leave on a work desk
  • I'd prefer to not have a tube model at work
  • I thought about the FiiO E17, but then it had no volume knob .. but then it can dock into the E09, but I'm not sure if two things on my desk is the way I want to go
  • Same goes for the Schiit Magni+Modi, looked great, but not sure I want 2 things on my desk
  • That FiiO E12 looks interesting, though I'm a little wary of the audio quality in a smaller amp (compared to the iBasso D1) being as good or better
  • Any thoughts on how the Audioengine D1 compares to the iBasso D1? Not sure how the dac and amp components compare...
  • Being able to grab it off Amazon Prime is always a plus



Anywho, anyone got any thoughts on where I go after the iBasso D1?


thanks for any help!

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Some ideas:


iBasso D4 or D42

JDS O2+ODAC combo

Fiio E18 or X3 with future fw

Meier Quickstep



I have Fiio X3, iBasso D4 and ODAC (with Stepdance amp as current setup) and O2. I also had Meir Corda Move as amp/dac.


Best from what I have heard is ODAC with Stepdance, then iBasso D4 as DAC and amp with OPA 1612 opamp, then very close ODAC with Corda Move as amp, Fiio X3 (with OPA1602 mod) as player but in near future possible as USB DAC+AMP is very close to either ODAC+MOVE or iBasso D4. iBasso D4 with stock AD8066 is also very close but I prefer the smoother sound of the OPA1612.

You can roll opamps in iBasso D4. O2 amp is too neutral for me, I prefer a slightly smoother sound.

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