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Fake AKG K702 Headphones????

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I recently purchased a "Brand New" pair of AKG K702 headphones online, from a power seller on eBay.   The seller claims to be an official re-seller of AKG products and has excellent ratings (cobra-sonics).


I purchased the phones for $265 which was a reasonable price if they are brand new.   They were delivered UPS last Friday (10/11/2013).   After opening the box, I noticed that there was NO SERIAL NUMBER on the headphones or the Box???


Also, the headband did not have the bumps that so many people complain about.   I've heard that AKG has eliminated the bumps due to the complaints.    


Any idea if the new K702 headphones still have individual serial numbers and/or if the bumps have been removed from the on the headband?


Any advice is welcome.




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Just a question- does it still say "Made in Austria" on the headphones?


I don't know about no serial numbers, but I know AKG moved all production of K701/702 to China and even removed the bumps.

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Thanks for your reply.    The K702's had a small sticker on the inside of the headband that said made in China.   It also said that, in very small print, on the outside of the box.   There was no "Made in Austria" print on the outside of the headphones.


If you look closely at the pictures of the K702 on AKG's web site, the pictures doesn't show a Made in Austria print on the outside of their phones either.    It appears as though AKG removes that print as well as the individual testing/serial numbering on phones made in china?


The phones sound great, but I just wanted to be sure that they are not fake.


Does anyone else, who recently purchased NEW K702s have the same issue?




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I haven't heard anything about the fake k702 on the market yet, usually people only worried about the fake k450. I don't know if they still use the serial number or have removed the bumps. However, imo you should only worry if your headphones are fake when they look exactly the same product but sounds different. Because forgers would more likely to use the same exterior design and material but different and cheaper drivers which you would less likely to find out. 

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The problem with identifying if they are fake or not is that I don't have another set of K702 headphones to compare them to.


I have been in contact with AKG directly and they asked me to send them photos.  I'll take several photos tonight and post them here. 


They do sound great, but again, I'm comparing them to a set of low-end Bose.   I've also been in contact with the vendor (Cobra-sonics), and they said they are absolutely legitimate and are willing to take them back for a full refund.   They even offered to give me a $15 rebate if I want to keep them.


I'll let you know what I hear from AKG.    I hope they are not fake as I would prefer to not go through the hassel of returning them and purchasing another pair at a higher cost.





PS; If anyone is reading this and has a set of recently purchased a K702 headphones (i.e.; ones made in China), please let me know if your set does NOT have a serial number on the left or right headband.

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Is it possible for you to upload a few photos of your unit? There's a chance that it is fake because
1) there's no serial number - mine is located at the headband of the left earcups.
2) To my knowledge, the AKG K702 still have the bummer on the headband it is only the AKG K712 and K702/65 that does not have the bummer

Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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how's everything going and have you found out the result yet?

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i've never seen a fake AKG K702 before..


in my country, where the fakes can be found so easily,

the AKG fakes that i've countered is just K450 and K330 and maybe all of it's variation..


lemme know about the results!

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I purchased a pair of AKG K702 Headphones from a fried who bought them from an Authorized AKG Dealer in Toronto, Canada.


The K702 had a small "Made in China" Sticker on the right plastic brace that attaches to the two round support loops. I removed this sticker.


This AKG K702 has a Serial Number 113850 on the left plastic brace that attaches to the two round support loops.


The smaller section of the Ear Cups has "Reference Headphone K702" silk screened at 12 o'clock. The 702 number is not bold print.


The Headband is real Leather and has the smooth  surface that rests on the Head.


The AKG logo on the Metal band that supports the Leather Headband is the AKG Letter Logo not the graphic Logo.


The Ear Cushions are foam - shaped (larger at rear) covered in Velour fabric. I wish they were memory foam.


They sound fantastic!


I believe AKG has moved production of all Headphones except the K712 Pro and the K812 to China to save on costs. I understand the China products are made on the same equipment and tested to the same standards as the Austrian product.


I hope this helps.


I also have:


AKG Q701 White with the 8 Bump Headband - made in China with Serial Number. I do not like the Bumps.

AKG K712 Pro - Made in Austria with Serial Number


The K712 Pro is the best AKG Headphone I have for comfort and awesome true "reference" - "technical" sound.


I collect Headphones and have quite a few. The AKG K712 Pro are IMHO the best of my collection so far.

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AKG K702s newer version are authentically made in China but there is a serial number. The newer version has no bumps as you can see in official AKG website.


Here's the links:




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