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Final opinions before i drop 3600$

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This is actually my first post here, hi everybody!


Anyway! I've been looking around for about a month now, trying to figure out what of equipment i should get.


My main phones are the HD-800's, and I've been using them along with a Musical Fidelity M1HPA for a year now.


But it is time to upgrade, and right now, I'm leaning towards getting the Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC -> SPL Phonitor.


But with a budget of 3500$ I really want to be sure that I'm getting something truly magical.


What are your opinions on these parts? I need both a DAC and an AMP.




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I am not sure that the $3600 "upgrade" you are looking at is going to give you the wow factor you appear to be looking for.  If you sell your old gear how will you know that it sounds better?  What do you not appreciate about your current rig?  Have you tried other headphones like the LCD-3, AKG K712 Pro, and Denon AH-D2000?


I would hate for you to spend all of that cash on something that you cannot show actually improves the sound quality.

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I think you should look for better amplifiers such as Zana Deux($2200), Woo Audio 22($1995), DNA Stratus($2700) and get dac with the remaining amount some that you may want to look into are bifrost, Gugnir, Mytek(you mentioned), PS Audio PWD, DacMagic, M2Tech etc...

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