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OK I've had a Fiio E7 portable amp/dac for a while

Last night I bought an Iphone 4s 32GB from a mate.


What I would really like to do is take a digital signal from the iphone and put it into the Fiio E7 thus using the E7 DAC and amp but seems I can only do this if I jailbreak the phone - is this correct - because I don't really want to do that.


Alternatively OK I still have the original headphone plug to headphone plug (L2/L8) that came with my E7 and so I guess I can just plug one end into the headphone socket of the Iphone and the other into the line in socket on the Fiio and that way the Iphone will be doing the DAC and some of the amplification while the Fiio will just be additionally amplifying.


Now the question is


Is it worth buying the L3 or L9 cables or is it a waste of money because isn't that just taking an analogue line out from the iphone and putting it into an analogue line in on the Fiio??  How do these cables offer any advantage over the L2/L8???


Can somebody assist - I'm a little confused!