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For Sale:
Fitear Parterre - Mint Condition + Double Helix Cable + Accessories (Shipping Included)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling a set of Fitear Parterre IEMs, purchased at the Mook Festival in Singapore mid-August 2013. Have spent some time burning in the drivers and invested in a new Symbiote Fusion cable from DHC and a set of Ortofon earbuds to further improve the clarity and bass response.

I really like these IEMs which is why I've spent the time and money getting the most out of them, but I have had some unexpected expenses and these are easier to sell than my CIEMS :(

Package comes with - Pelican 1010 hard case with Fitear stickers and *signed* by Keita Suyama, 1 x Double Helix Symbiote Fusion Cable w/ Fitear Connectors and Oyaide Gold Plated Right Angle Plug,  IEM cleaning tool, 1 carrying pouch, 1 set of FItear earbuds & 1 set of Ortofon earbuds.


Registered International Shipping is *included* in the price to most locations (e.g. Asia, Australia, ConUS, Europe). If you live in a more exotic locale I will have to check rates before sending the item out (more to confirm I can send it reliably rather than a cost issue).


EDIT : Price Dropped

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