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Originally Posted by Volatile Pulse View Post

So, I've been looking around, and found basically what I'm looking for. I believe I'm going to be going with the HD439, closed circumaural detachable headphones, and a cable for beats by Dre that I found for $11 that has the three button remote integrated into it.

The other option I saw was a bluetooth remote that had all of the buttons on it and the headphone jack. I can use it by itself and plug the headphones into my iPhone. It's not ideal, but about the only option I came up with under $100 and has a good style and sound. I think the V-MODAs would be a good option, but between the looks and being over budget, it's not looking good for them.

Any other thoughts of good headphones with a detachable cable for $50 or so? Definitely want it to be a sleek look and good sound quality.



Hmm must of forgotten those  lol :)



I love the stylish look of my V-moda M-100 ( Same look) so it is what it is and looks sleeker then Sennheiser hd439 ( since they are priced at around 80 bucks? )

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Yeah, Amazon has them for $85 shipped. But I'm not sure if you can answer this question or if I should start a new thread, but reading information on the HD439, their cable locks into place, possibly by twisting a bit. I email Sennheiser and asked if their Momentum cable fit and they said they are NOT interchangeable. Even if the cable doesn't lock, should it be a snug enough fit? Does any 2 pin 1/4" cable fit into detachable, or does it depend on the manufacturer?
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I figured I'd update this thread since I found a good enough compromise. Instead of an interchangeable cable and the bluetooth remote, I believe I'm going to go with an adapter remote, specifically, the one found here. http://www.simplism.jp/en/products/iphone/dualo_one_click_remote_with_mic_1/index.html

Now back to picking the headphones, I'm leaning more towards a $50 set of headphones, but can go slightly over. Any suggestions in that price range?
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Originally Posted by Volatile Pulse View Post

Another update. I found someone on Craigslist that has a set of Sennheiser HD428 new and in box for $20. It wasn't my ideal first set, but at that price, I looked passed basically everything else. I just hope it is the HD428S that has the shorter cable. Not sure what I will do with 10' of cable.

To take care of the remote control aspect, I stumbled across two different gadgets. First is the NoiseHush NS560. It is a bluetooth remote suitable for all phones and even come with their own set of "noise-canceling" IEMs. The other option, and the one I'm getting, is FiiO's E02i Rocky Amp. It is an inline amplifier with the remote buttons. Basically nothing special, but it is basically what I want with a slight boost to SQ.

I'm picking up the HD428 on Thursday, and hopefully the E02i shortly thereafter. I'll keep you posted.

Sennheiser HD428
$54.99 (Price on Amazon.com, shipped)

NoiseHush NS560
$24.70 (Price on Amazon.com, shipped)

FiiO E02i Rocky
$25.99 (Price on Amazon.com, shipped)
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