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Windows7 DAW 1.0 (Digital Audio Workstation OS)

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1.Based on Windows7 Ultimate SP1 x64.

2.Higher sound quality compared to the regular Windows.

3.Visit my blog for more sound optimization details:

Q:Some Windows Updates failed to install.
A:Because some features have been removed.
  You can right click these updates,then select 'Hide Update'.

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How can we know that there's no malicious software here? That seems like a pretty big leap of faith to ask someone to install a new OS.

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Indeed I saw this and immediately thought I am opening my system up to be abused.  I would avoid this like the plague, unless you are confident you have zero data or information on the install system that you want to risk. Open the readme file and have a translated look at what parts of windows infrastructure has been either tampered with or removed.  After that consider DAW is a term for a Digital Audio Workstation, like pro-tools or cubase not a full operating system.  This has my BS meter running off the scale.

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Its a nice idea, not sure about the legality of this however, since it appears to be a full version of windows 7.  I have to agree with the others here who are a bit paranoid to install a modified copy of windows, I plan to test it out in a VM to see what its about, but thats about it.  Will let you know what I find.  Oh, and it'll take something like 6-8 hours to download, so that may never happen, lol.

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Well it errored out before I could finish the download, but from the list of removed services you're probably going to run into problems if you want to use this as an actual desktop OS.  The author even suggests in one of his blogs that you should completely disable the windows GUI temporarily through power shell while playing music for quality purposes.  While I'm sure there probably an appreciable difference in sound quality with the tweaks present here, but too much is removed to make it usable without running into serious problems.  I might try to downloading it again later, but with the 30kb/s speed I was getting before its probably not going to happen.

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On most modern PC's with multi cores and lots of Ram, I don't see how is this is necessary.

I tried fidelizer while back and could not tell the difference. Also if you have an External Dac or sound card, well it's irrelevant.

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