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Shure Se215 sound problem

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I bought some shure se215 earphones and starting recently they have stopped working right. The sound frequently cuts out halfway in one or both ears, then when i rotate the connector in the jack it makes a swishing sound like fabric rubbing together. it is not related to a different problem that people have where it cuts out completely in the left ear. i am not sure what is happening so if someone knows anything that would be good. i just want to know if there's any hope or if i should dig a tiny hole in my back yard. also, there is no hope of getting them replaced or repaired in the warranty because the receipt was misplaced and they have been slightly modified (the opening where you put on the ear bud thingy broke off so i glued it back on with super glue, which worked very well, but shouldn't be the cause of the problem since that happened a long time ago and this problem is recent)

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Clean the contacts with alcohol. See if it works.

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And I would not assume Shure would not still honor the warranty. I took a pair of 215's that weren't working properly in and they replaced them no questions asked. I did have the receipt with me but they never asked to see it. I agree your slight modification should not be causing the problems you are having. Worth a phone call to Shure in my opinion if cleaning the contacts does not solve the issue.
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