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For Sale:
very very good condition ipod video in black - read description :-) **would considertrades**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

hi all,



I have a 30gb ipod video for sale in black, everything runs perfectly and the ipod works a treat. However this is not a "standard" 30gb ipod video and has had the following changes made....


1) the back from an 80gb ipod video fitted

2) larger mah (850) capacity battery than standard 30gb one, more mah = more run time

3) headphone and switch assembly from 80gb back fitted


so essentially this is a 30gb ipod video but has the larger back with better battery **no usb cable included**


there is a nice amount of room in the back of this now for cf / sdxc / cap mods :-)


the condition of the ipod is very good / excellent on the front - almost unmarked in all honesty with only a tiny amount of extremely feint light surface marks - really hard to spot and only in angled light - trust me this ipod facia is excellent :)


screen is perfect with no dead or stuck pixels


back has the usual marks / scratches but I would certainly consider them to be very good considering the ipod age


I am happy to include the 30gb back and battery with this if required - but a new headphone / switch assembly would be needed


priced at £46.60 inc uk shipping


shipping overseas is more - add circa £6 to the above


paypal fee's covered by buyer


would consider trade or p/ex against a slim amp