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Originally Posted by bcschmerker4 View Post

After doing additional research, I found that the PM-1's likely competition is composed primarily of low-impedance planar magnetics.  One example, the HiFiMAN® HE-500 (Zo = 38Ω), is rated for 89 dB (at what volts RMS?) and, according to the manufacturer, can run off regular headphone amplifiers - I wonder whether that means the stock Texas Instruments® TP6120A2 in my XONAR®, the HiFiMAN® EF-5 (which can deliver 2W into a 30Ω load), or my powerful-enough-to-blow-headphones-other-than-electrostatics Pyle® PCA2 (rated for 40W into a 4Ω load)?


Do you take your sweet time and effort to print those trademark symbols?

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He's the only one here who won't get sued.




No, I think it's cool that he takes the time to do that.


Carry on bschmerker4!

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I hope these things come in with an MSRP somewhere between 899-1299 with street prices 10-15% below those numbers.  If on the lower end, they better at least edge out the HE-500 in performance and comfort, with the clear difference being the latter more so than the former.  If on the higher end of that range, then I expect more than a few reviewers to claim that it is just a matter of opinion to compare these with the other flagships and that they clearly hold their own.  I would be quite satisfied with the first scenario as the only thing holding me back from HE-500 is that Best Buy doesn't carry them ( I work there ), and I put a big priority on comfort, which is why I love the HD-700.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for 899 or 999 retail price and a fairly good consensus that they give up very little to the other flagships.

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Originally Posted by alan73 View Post

Are you talking about Oppo or another company?


I am talking about Oppo ®. It's sad because even though they are based in California, most of Chinese consumers don't see them and their products to be high end or high quality. Sure HiVi ® acquired Swan™ and Edifier ® acquired Stax ®, but that just shows how rich the Chinese are :P


I guess the PM-1™ would change the way Chinese audiophiles see Oppo®, at least. I am looking forward to it very much. But too bad nobody buys their phones or tablets or MP3's


Merry Christmas and happy holidays 2013!

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And to you!

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I heard they are going to for $549, don't know how true it is. What I am interested is to know whether they can be played without needing any amping. 

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where did you hear that from? pretty sure i read somewhere in the thread that they should run off mobile devices.

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Originally Posted by kenshinhimura View Post

where did you hear that from? pretty sure i read somewhere in the thread that they should run off mobile devices.

No one can be sure about the final pricing but this is what I was told from a friend who is following this audio stuff more closely than me. 

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OPPO means quality, and great value.. People who balk at their flagship 1,200 player, don't realize that to get better, you would need to spend 2-3 times more.. Also, what other 1,200 BRP support support a balanced connection? Their best up converting player ranked just as good, or nearly as good as Denons flagship player that was around 3-5 grand. I live near OPPO, and is the only company that has earned my trust. The BDP 105 is a great product.. The headphone amp sounds great on both my 701/DT48.


If the PM1 sales for 500-600, it will compete with headphones that cost twice as much. Same with their new headphone amp. That's how OPPO operates.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Please let it compete with the HE500 price...preferably something around $500-600, though knowing Oppo, I expect around $1000. Their stuff isn't cheap.

I hate the way companies are going with pricing though. Only Philips has been doing it right, with the X1.

Not fair. Their 1,000 BRP is their flagship model. Their 'entry' level BRP is around 4-5 hundred I believe. That is like saying Senheiser doesn't make cheap headphones because the HD800 is 1,400..

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Everyone agress that HD800 is a bargain at that price point, however what stops everyone from getting a HD800 is how much more money one needs to spend on source and amp in order to bring the full potential of HD800. So if Oppo PM-1 can manage to sound good and great with cheap source/amp I think it is a winner. No one will expect it to perform to the same level o HD800, key is how well it scale. 

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If the Oppo PM-1 is priced at the above amount mentioned, I'll fly to their headquarters myself to buy one. Even though they're not a huge company, they're known for phenominal innovation and design, and their build quality is comparable to that of Apple. These will sell like hot cakes if priced accordingly.

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Not sure myself, it doesn't seem likely that Oppo has been this careful, but now has let slip out the retail price. Not to mention, that price sounds quite low based on the evidence we have (such as it is). I'm still convinced the price range is from $849 - 1100. Hope I'm wrong, which if you ask my wife happens quite a bit!

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The whole "heard it from a friend" pricing guesses aren't really any more useful than all the other numbers being thrown out. I'd disregard it and move on for the time being.

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