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I live in Los Angeles, and I rarely buy from Amazon.co.uk. I usually buy from Amazon.de because it's cheaper.

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When looking at this YouTube Video from HK you'll notice HA-1 going for HKD$10,499 for the HA-1 and PM-1 going for HKD$9,599.


So current exchange would amount to US $1354 for HA-1, and US $1289.39, not as bad.

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I think the reason the debate gets so heated is that there is an option to buy that I really haven't seen being recognized buy the ones who are the most vocal and upset by the international pricing. Oppo Digital is the manufacturer and you can buy from them direct at cost savings that cuts out the price gauging (yes I agree) of international distributors. Oppo Digital has also stated that they are disappointed with said distributors and are in discussions with them about the situation.
I also understand that the caveat of paying for shipping for warranty service isn't covered outside of North America may make people upset.

What I don't understand is why there is the expectation that this wouldn't be the case. When I bought my HA-1 from Oppo I had to pay over 1/3 of the unit cost just to get it over the border in to Canada for shipping, taxes, Duty and 'Customs Fees'. I'm only an hour flight from them in the same time zone. I expected this and was not surprised or outraged. Like it or not the US has many perks when it comes to consumer goods, including free shipping and lower prices. That's life.

As for paying for warranty shipping, this is something that many companies do as standard practice and most people don't bat an eyelash. For some reason this is regarded as an exception with Oppo Digital instead of the norm. Why? A while ago I wanted to purchase an item in the UK that didn't ship to North America. Was I disappointed? Yes. Oh well, I moved on.
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Originally Posted by vkalia View Post

Btw, this whole "Oppo Digital doesnt control international pricing" canard - let me clarify something about this subject.     Yes, we all know Oppo Digital isnt responsible for international pricing.   So what?   When did this become only about Oppo Digital?    Oppo is an international player and is going to be selling those headphones globally, right?    Someone at Oppo, the overall entity, IS responsible. 

I fail to see why, just b/c someone from one subsidiary is posting here, the entire organization gets to play "pass the buck" with pricing.   

Because make no mistake - charging 1100 quid for the headphone is nothing short of price-gouging.    

I don't disagree with that at all.
However a few things to note...
a) An impressions thread is not the place to complain about it. Especially after the mods specifically said to no longer discuss it there.
Since then, the off topic comments have been moved to this thread. So I that is no longer an issue... for now.
b) Oppo Digital has a representative here to answer questions about the pricing issues, actually has answered all those questions, has also setup DIRECT SALES opportunities
for all international customers, and has said that they would discuss pricing schemes with other resellers and distributors.
Aside from setting fire to all of their business partners, it sounds like they have done as much as possible.
The issue shouldn't have been an issue to begin with, but it is what it is, so we move on to the next point.
c)There are no representatives here from other resellers outside of the USA, so all complaints about pricing fall on deaf ears.
However it does fall on the ears of all the other posters who have grown tired of the pricing complaints.
In no way does that discredit the fact that you have a right to complain, but why do it where it has no chance of helping your cause?
The proper place to send those complaints is directly to the resellers for which you have a complaint against.
Not here on this forum where it only serves to inconvenience other posters and readers.
However, if some people want to fill up a thread like this with useless complaints, more power to them I suppose.
I don't mean for that to be insulting to anyone. It just seems very illogical to me.
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Yes - you are right when it comes to excessive complaining and, without retracing this thread, I shan't say that that has been the case or has not been the case. I don't think that a complaint about international pricing is NOT warranted here ... I actually suspect that this truly does more good than a direct complaint to the supplier which may be seen by one customer service operator and that is all. You've acknowledged that the complaint may very well be justified, so it seems your argument is that you can't KEEP complaining - which is probably a fair point. Are we any closer now to resolving this issue, as the last few pages have been quite acrimonious ... not that I DON'T like a good "stoush", but I think we've all found a common ground here.  Can we please move on from this now ? Please ?

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