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For 2 years I have struggled on finding a proper way to wear the Sennheiser IE8/IE80 properly on my ears. I've tried a few different tricks and none of them have worked properly, I've always been pushed back to wear the IEM's the way Sennheiser wants you to wear them which hasn't worked very well for me since they keep falling out when I'm walking about, even with different types of nozzles. I found out a solution so that they stay on my ears even when jogging around and overall the sound quality is much nicer and the sweet spot for listening doesn't have to be found with much trouble each time I reinsert them into my ears.

I included a picture, as you can see I've turned the plastick cable holders backwards from how they are supposed to be used which creates a nice hook mechanism behind my ear, it works without the clips as well although I find this to suit me well. The ear buds themselves are upside down.

I'm sorry if this is a repost, couldn't find any similiar solutions here.

If youre having trouble with your IE80's it's worth giving a shot for this solution, hope it helps smily_headphones1.gif