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Connecting Fiio e17 to Turntable

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Okay so I just went out and bought this turntable from my local record shop, but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how I can connect it to my headphone amp. The turntable is a Numark PT-01 USB and my amp is a Fiio e17 which is connected to my Sennheiser 598s. I can plug the headphones into the turntable just fine and hear audio, but I'd imagine just like playing the music via FLACs, that the headphones would benefit from being amped


Also, is it at all possible to connect a turntable to a PC and source the audio to the amp which is connected to the computer via USB? And finally, is it true that I need to invest in other equipment (preamp, ect.) to get decent quality audio from a turntable; because if so, I might as well take it back, as I wasn't looking to spend more than what I spent on the turntable just so I can play records rather than FLAC...

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I think the you need a cinch to 3,5mm adapter to connect your turntable to the fiio.
But I would invest into something like a preamp, for usabilities sake.

I dont think you can route a analog in through a notebook, maybe with a soundcard for recording, but not with a laptop...
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I'm probably going to just return the TT. I really should have done my research before buying it, as I didn't realize the investment and work required for little payoff with vinyl.

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Vinyl is a very resolving medium, but it requires good equipment.
Maybe get yourself a used turnatble, like a dual or thorens, maybe a technics, with preferably a s shape tonearm.
This should cost around 150$.
Then get yourself a cheap pre amp with riaa, like the Art Dj pre, which is looking like a cheap Dj product, but souning really good. This is around 50$.
Then a new cartridge, like a cheap but good audio technica At 95 e, for around 40$.
You will have a decent Setup for listening to vinyl, which should last until you want to upgrade.
But the turntable you have/had is just not worth it, in my opinion.
Vinyl is great, but you need a good player to use the full potential.
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