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Hello Head-Fi, I'm the latest addition to your (hopefully) warm community :D



I recently bought a set of my first proper audio gear (Q701 + Schiit Magni/Modi), which I've been planning to achieve for the last year. The original plan was to get a DT880 600ohm + FiiO E09/E17, but now it turns out that I can actually get the Schiit Magni/Modi for not much more than the FiiO pair which I believe should be better. The Q701 combined with the Schiit duo is a major leap forward from my Bose QC15, but I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the under-performing bass and the very hard foams which hurts the top of my head. I'm really enjoying the Q701 and have no intention of putting on my QC15 ever again frankly, but currently I have a distinct impression that the DT880 would be better for movies?



Well anyway, just want to share a bit and perhaps ask for some opinions, did I made the right choice by getting the Q701 + Magni/Modi instead of DT880 + E09/E17? Thanks