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I'm new to this community and just wanted to introduce myself.   My name is Josh Irwin. I grew up in Northern Alberta and right now I am in Edmonton Alberta attending university.   I like to play the piano, play paintball/airsoft, and camp/canoe/hike.   Right now I own an ageing pair of Sony MDR-V600's that I use to listen to music through my iPod/MBP.  In the near future I would love to get my hand on a pair of used ATH-M50's (which I think would be a fairly decent upgrade over the Sony's).  I would also like to eventually acquire a decent audio/midi interface so that I can into a bit of home recording (I own a Roland keyboard, and right now I can only do midi).  I hope to learn much more about audio equipment through this forum (as I am a bit of a noob) and am looking forward to my time here.