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Hey guys,


Long time lurker here,


I know the Creek OBH-11 isn't a popular one on this site, but I just bought one for a song.  Too cheap to resist.  I had one before and it suited me well for computer casual listening.  I gave it to my best friend for helping me move along with some DT770 and got him hooked on this hobby.  Anyways,  I have been searching high and low for a replacement power supply to no avail.  The one I found always recommended was the Elpac WM080-1950-760.  However it appears to be discontinued and can not find any NOS anywhere or used.  I'm not real knowledgeable about electronic specs.  I just want some more juice without frying it as well as not spending $100 bucks on the Creek upgraded power supply.  I don't want to spend more on the wallwart than I spent on the amp.  In my limited knowledge this I think is the closest to spec linear regulated non switching power supply. Does it look like it would do what I want?  Thanks in advance.