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For Sale:
Meixing Mingda MC-300 Pre, 300b Based Pre-Amp, As New(REDUCED!!!)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

REDUCED!!! For sale is a very nice Meixing Mingda MC-300 Pre, 300b based Pre-Amp. This is the flag ship of Meixing's Series of preamp with over 3 years work on design development and careful turning processing time, it's absolute top class unit, fully hand-made in  point to point wiring, with 2x 6sn7 tubes in cathode amplifier stages, 2x 300b tubes in cathode follower amplifier stage and 1x 274b rectification tube, plus 2x very high quality 2000 series power transformers. It further adopts highest quality input transformers for balanced input coupling, 4x massive Philips electrolytic capacitors, Denmark Jensen high end coupling capacitors for final output stage and so on. This unit offers greatest driving power, in highest resolution and transparency with golden silky extension, noble 300b fantasy feelings and great 3-dimensional soundstage with really fantastic depth.


This is a very unique unit as only one or two people can make 300b preamp in the world. The unit is about 6 months old and just like new. Also, I had all the tubes upgraded to premier one's, I'll ship 2x Svetlana NOS 300b tubes(sound as good as WE 300b), 2x Sonora 6sn7 tubes(sound very chocolaty) and 1x Psvane 274b tube(1:1 replica as WE 274b). All tubes worth over $600! Shipping in original boxes with remote. Asking: $1475 plus shipping.

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