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My strange DAC story..

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Hi guys I have been reading this forum for a while and something happened today that made me want to post...


I had been doing a lot of reading up on external DAC and desktop amps etc hoping to improve my pleasure listening. I do some music production run a live net radio show and do some post prod in my home studio/office/padded cell. But wanted to improve the sound when I switch off the clean flat response monitors and go to the listening library and small fi setup. I run Senn HD25-1 for live monitoring and Senn 595s for home late night and piano playing.. so got that sorted and have some nice speakers.. Anyhoo also in general happy with the D/A output from the Macbook. But was lacking some imaging.


Well I  was rooting around my desk today and found this tiny thumb drive thingy that I had bought on ChinaBay or whatever euphemism we are using these days. I picked it up a year ago for about 8 bucks so I could run some DJ software that I was testing and did not want to involve my digital mixer et al.  Its a little mic in stereo headphones out gizmo, nothing written on it but '3D Sound'


So I though what the heck plugged it into the USB and selected it as a sound import and WOW.. quite an improvement.. more detail and space.

Richer sound .. BUT aw sh....t there is noise.. So what have I learned. Well despite my skepticism re  inexpensive ext DACs making a meaningful change to the music this little thingy is proof that it can be done.. Now I just have to find one that has no residual noise and is under 100 dollars..

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Look at the hifimediy usb sabre dacs.
They have a great reputation and should match your expectations well.

This would be a killer:
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