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LP-2020A+ Lepai with?

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Hello all after searching on the side of pc speaker with a build in amp etc..


Im back i heard a lot of good thing about the lepai so im back.. 




All m-audio av40 promedia z623  have report of burning amp overheating etc..



So do you have any idea of speaker with tweeter and at least a 4"    


The speaker and the t amp need to come cheaper than 200$ and im in canada..


I want sound quality and loudness   (No bass i dont care going to drop a sub  later probably a dayton 1200 12"



Thank you :)

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Canada is tough because it's hard to find deals on speakers. You might watch Futureshop to see if they have any good specials on bookshelves over the next month or so.

Otherwise, these Cambridge Audio S30s on Canuck Audio Mart would be excellent. They are great speakers at their regular price of $220 here in the US smily_headphones1.gif
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Too much ahaha $$$



I just want to get ways listening to music i want to kill the pc speaker quality and go far ahhah with less $$$$





I seen that Sony SS-B1000   but it sony....




Idk at the end av-40 with extended warantly look nice

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What about Dayton B652 ???




110.53$ 2-6 days shipping tax included



  Dayton b652 with the lp 2020a+   with psu that i will cut and solder the head to my old laptop multivolt charger from 10v to 18v lol  90w    overkill     and with wire 16awg



Going to set it at 12.5v 




Edit dayton speaker is crap be review so uh???  under 150$ bookshelf



Pioneer SP-BS22LR    I going for these if no better suggestion :confused_face:

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Originally Posted by bonami2 View Post

What about Dayton B652 ???

Do they ship to Canada for a reasonable price?
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Yea the package was 110 shipped tax and dutie   but after reading review i think i will go for the pionneer 



going to be 220$ but well worth it i think





Was 110 with dayton and that


Wired Home SKRL-16-50 16 AWG OFC Speaker Wire 50 ft. 

Lepai LP-2020A+ Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amp w/Power Supp 



I have all my music in 320+ and in flac so i think the pioneer will be the best my board is an m5a99fx r2 pro and the onboard is better than all the other ive used for now...    


Probably a new soundcard with 3.5m to rca and i think it will be awesome at the end :popcorn: music wise 

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I think the S30s are a better speaker than the Pioneers. Certainly just as good.
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Yea but it a demo at 150$ and idk i dont have money this month for that :( 


Do you think i will be happy with the pioneer just seen a video on youtube with the t-amp and the pio  i asked the guy some info gonna see this week if he answer 




Or the dayton Dta-100 and i will wait longer for the pioneer i get the amp and later the bookshelf.


What is best?

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Best is to wait until you have the money saved up to buy and then figure it out. The best deals may change before then. For example, if it will be a couple of months, FutureShop typically has Boxing Day deals on speakers.
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thank man you give me a good idea i will buy the amp and take speaker later and when this amp will die i will upgrade to a dta 100.


I have some crap lying arround going to give them a new life :D

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If you want the Dayton B652's, solen.ca has them for $40. In an email they told me its from the good batch (not the bad batch that plagued the earlier months this year). I didn't buy from them, so I don't know what shipping and their service is like, but its worth a try.

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I read alot todays about them they fixed the problem the new unit sound better than the old one if i look at a review from june on youtube



I will order them with the amp wire and rca male to 3.5mm male gold plated 6ft for 6$ lol




The fact is im sure i will like them but idk i need to start somewhere ahah   my speaker are 2x 2" per satellite so without the sub there not bass and not a lot of mid.. sound dead..



Now is more like where do i put them lol   is for my computer but the desktop is too small. 

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