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Hi guys,

I am into audiophile equipment for about 2 years now - all started with an grado sr60i which i bought in bangkok. i broke my headphones during travel and was looking for new ones and this guy there said he wants to show me some special headphones... there i had the first WOW effect on headphones.


i don't have the biggest budget but i slowly increase my equipment. i like to have different sounding because IMO it always depends on the record and genre how a headphone performs. so i change my headphones a lot depending on what i listen to.


what i listen to: punk, hardcore, singer/songwriter (about 80%) - hiphop/dnb (20%)

i don't like when a headphone has to much bass, but i like it when i can control/improve the bass with the EQ of my e17 (works very well with my momentums)


current setup


player: macbook air, fiio x3, htc one x+ (mostly for spotify stuff)

sources are most of the time 320kbps or flac files. i have some mqs but not that many.

dac: hrt musicstreamer II

amp: fiio e17


headphones home use
- grado sr225i with g cushion (my primary ones)

- sennheiser hd 598 (for laid back listening)

- audio technica ath 900x (some records sound better with a closed back)


portable & office

- sennheiser momentum (my primary ones)

- sennheiser hd 25 (when i need more bass and more noise cancelling)

- IEM: the grado IGI are my only one here. i like them... but here is my point, i have no clue how good IEMs can sound. i read a lot negative reviews about the IGI so i em surprised if some others really can sound that much better.


i did some research (considering my current budget) and i found the IE80 and the fischer audio dba-02 mkii very interesting.

u guys have any thoughts about them considering my tastes?


something else: i also have a very good offer for a sennheiser hd 580 (about 80 dollar) - i heard its like the hd 600. at the moment i don't want to spent a lot money on a new open sennheiser so i was thinking if it has a different character than the hd 598 i'll give that a chance.


if you have any comments how to improve my setup (i know dac/amp is very basic) just give me your impressions.


cheers & thanks from a swiss guy