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Did you get a chance to use the bass adjust on the Roxxane? Any impressions on that?

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JH AUDIO - I got to listen to the "Roxanne" 12 driver custom IEM, in a universal fit with Complys foam tips.  This WENT ON MY WISH LIST AS #1. 

Was there a date given as to when the Roxanne will be available for ordering?  

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Originally Posted by DimitriTrush View Post


which of the two is the new one?


The red one is the C5, and the black one is the JDS O2 amp. I'm actually referring to a prototype that JDS Labs said on their blog that will be there at their table in Canjam. Since it's only a prototype, you may have to ask them for it, and it won't look as nice as the two amps in the photos.

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Originally Posted by asak View Post

Listened to the new JDS dac-amp. Was pretty damn good. 

Its neither of those pictured above. Think it had a black case and silver end plates. Talked to Jon of JDS about it, and sounds like the design of the DAC is pretty solid. Price expected to be $250. 


Was tipped off by one of the exhibitors of custom iems, that the resonessence labs herus dac has real good drive for the loads that customs presents. Guy was right, and I bought one. It sounds really good. Go check it out room 1104. Works off Galaxy S3 and Ipad. 


Mark Malinson of Resonessence used to work at ESS, Probably knows what to do with those chips. 


And that JH Roxxane is really really good. Just as much detail as the JH13 but much smoother. The smoothness was what really was the most impressive about it. 


Oops didn't see this post. Thanks for the info on the new JDS dac+amp. $250 is a very reasonable price considering the price of their C5 amp. Will be interested to learn about the design of the DAC unit once they properly announce it.

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Originally Posted by Solude View Post


Audeze site has been updated with the new models.


Looks like a speaker baffle type thing to me.

Wow, yeah that is cool. This is giving me some modding ideas already :o


Hoping someone who ends up getting a X or XC could take high resolution photos of those fazors/baffles! 

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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

This is one issue I have with large meets, the background noise makes it so you have to turn up the volume to get a good demo. Usually I can mentally compensate for that, but with the HD800, you really need a quiet room to let the headphone do it's work properly. If you turn it up so you can hear the full spectrum over lots of people talking nearby, you will be greeted by quite a bit of treble.
I agree that there was a bit of treble emphasis that didn't quite sit right for me, but this being the first time I've heard the HD800, I fell in love with them. They are THE most open sounding hp I've ever heard and also the most natural sounding. It's the only time I ever had that experience of wondering if the music was coming from outside and not the hp's. This was on the ALO studio six.
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That's how I feel about the HD800, also.
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Thoughts to come soon,

but maybe the smiles say it all 


rockin ALO's Island:


rockin Alex Cavalli's Liquid Glass w/ my own LCD3's


ALO's Studio Six at the Audeze booth - KILLER combo,

I rock it at home - was psyched to share this experience w/ my cousin

who came here to CanJam to check it all out!!


more pics to come

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Nice meeting you Mike, if only briefly. I'm the photographer you met while chatting with Frank Iacone.

Funny thing is I think I was standing just out of frame while you were listening to the Cavalli.
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Was hoping the Roxxane dissapointed. No such luck. Now I have to want it. 

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Anyone heard the new oppo planar's apart from Jude? 

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post

+1 I'd be particularly curious to hear about this comparison. I'm actually expecting that it'll be an apples to oranges comparison however would be interested in hearing "how" they're different and what each one excels in.
Definitely apples to oranges. XC sounds more closed, more balanced across the FR, thicker, with greater texture. 900 sounds more open, more "fun" with sub bass emphasis, and has a better treble presentation in my opinion. The 900 has a signature that makes me tap my feet, one that I personally prefer.
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Nice looking Oppo planar magnetic headphone. Hope they price them reasonably like their players.

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To the Herus buyer at RMAF-
Did they offer any discounts?

Was interested in their Concero line but their in room guy hardly new anything about them much less offer any for sale or mention discounts.
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