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Free to a Good Home: FREE: Cable clips, broken Etymotic headset

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Free to a Good Home:
FREE: Cable clips, broken Etymotic headset

Will Ship To: CONUS

Clearing out my misc. drawer.  FREE - well almost FREE.  You just need to PayPal me $2 for CONUS only shipping, in which all items below shall be shipped in a bubble padded envelope. To be fair for everyone, only one item set (1-4) per address.


  1. Size small and medium silicone double flange, and small foams from my Future Sonics Atrios.
  2. 3 cable clips and an iem/ciem cleaning tool.  One is Sennheiser brand with rotating clip, generic with rotating clip, and one Blackberry brand.
  3. An unopen bottle of Oto-Ease (expires  5/2016), and two small bottles of generic lubricant (made from the same ingredients as the Oto-Ease).  These are great for hard to fit iem/ciem and really makes a difference with the seal, especially with silicone made tips and shells.
  4. Broken Etymotic headset that got damaged when part of the cable was hanging out of my car door during my 20 mile trip from work to home.  I was going to use it to purchase a ER4PT or ER4S as a future gift using Etymotic's excellent out-of-warranty purchase program, but that plan has since been canned.  Great opportunity to get the Etymotic flagship IEM for under $200 directly from Etymotic through the program.


Sorry international members, offer only available to CONUS members for shipping simplicity. 

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sent pm

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Replied.  Also, shipping Payment will secure these freebies.  First come first serve, but shipping payment trumps all!

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Oto-ease lubricant and tips are claimed.  Just the shirt clips and the broken Etymotic headpiece up for grabs.

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