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Hi Guys,

Well I'm on the hunt for a new pair of headphones now, and I really wanna experiment with a bass heavier headphone. I already own the ATH WS99's which of course aren't lacking in the bass department, however they just don't seem to give that rumble I was looking for. they certainly aren't bass shy, but they aren't bass monsters either.


Portability, Isolation,design, etc, can all be forgotten, as I will be using these at my desktop. 


From what I've read, I take it the XB500's are absolute bass monsters, but lack refinement in many areas. But by the looks of it, they are extremely comfortable! They are sort of a relaxed, warm sound?

The COP's are decent as well, changeable bass ports, allowing you to control the amount of bass.

The Q40's are supose to be of a higher standard, offering an overall better listening experience, but a great low-end. Need a bit of work to get going, such as clamp and aftermarket pads.


I'm curious to know, which headphone offers the biggest umph in the lower end? I would naturally assume it would be the boomy XB500, however I am interested to see how the COP's (on the highest bass port) and the Q40's will fare against it!

So I've basically come here to seek opinions, my headphone inventory isn't large at all, so I am just curious to see what others have experienced themselves. I listen to a wide variety of music, however these headphones don't need to be so versatile as such, as I already own the WS99's. 


I still don't own an amp or dac -_- but there may be one coming soonish... after all christmas is on its way!


Would be great to hear from ya!